March 6, 2010

hello everybody I hope you like my new blog I didn`t do it myself sophianna helped me do it well mostly she did it desing it and posted it in my webpage (but she will show!!)  hope so!!! Well sorry I havn`t posted any videos at all but I am first getting sophianna and balbis to show me and after that I`ll post them well have a nice day!    annycandy!



March 4, 2010

hellloooo I am srry I havn´t posted sme videos videos but I am having a technical difficulties and I am going to ask my friend sophianna to help and when I understand I am going to post them myself (I hope) ajajaj no but you will be seeing videos of me and you can post things saying what you want me to do or show you okay well see you next time!!!                                      annycandy!


March 1, 2010

hellllo world I am annycandy but as I said you can tell me anny or candy I will be putting videos but not yet but if you want to learn more go and check sophiannas and balbis webpage! Well se you soon!!



February 28, 2010

Hellllo again I am annycandy but you can call me anny or however you want. I am going to start putting videos on my webpage I don´t know when but you can come and visit my page I know I don´t have many things but it doesn´t matter. Well you all know that am starting doing all the crafts and I have met balbis and sophianna they are really good at crafts you should learn from them and also go visit there webpages they are cool.Welll bye se next time!    AnnyCandy!


February 28, 2010

Hiiii my name is annycandy and I am new at crafts and scrapbooking. But I am going to do my best on showing you guy´s a lot of  things. So tell everybody about my page and come visit me! Bye

Hello world!

February 28, 2010

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